The world’s most spectacular flower festival – The Infiorata di Noto

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Each year around mid to late May, the Infiorata di Noto descends upon the Sicilian city of Noto.

Noto is a small city in the province of Syracuse in the south of Sicily. It’s famous for its baroque architecture, richly-decorated iron balconies and also its historic churches.

This 3-day event is one of the most unique festivals in Italy, transforming several streets into floral works of art. The festivities typically take place in the ‘centro storico’(historical center) and attracts visitors and artists from around Italy and beyond.

Infiorata di Noto — what to expect at this flower festival

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The principle street of Via Nicolaci is the highlight of the event. A carpet of flowers in a myriad of colors lines the long historic cobbled-stone street. Via Nicolaci is also where you’ll find the renowned baroque balconies.

The sloped streets of Noto city center also add to the floral arrangement’s dramatic finish. To say the Infiorata di Noto is impressive is an absolute understatement.

It’s a showcase of art, passion and tradition all rolled into one. And it’s something we have the association of flower masters, i Maestri Infioratori di Noto, to be thankful for.

How do the masters create the art for Infiorata di Noto?

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The ‘maestri’ place each flower in place according to the festival theme. This year in 2019, the celebrated theme chosen was ‘Sicilians in America’. On the first day of the event, the main road barriers are removed and visitors can begin admiring the art. They do keep barriers surrounding the floral displays, so getting too close isn’t an option.

‘Infiorata’ literally translates as ‘flowered’, which gives you an idea behind the event’s name. One thing to note, is that the Infiorata di Noto usually occurs every year in May from Friday to Sunday. That said, it’s possible to visit Noto for a city break, and catch the flower spectacle at the same time.

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On the Friday morning, the official inauguration of the event takes place. And at around 5pm, the masters begin decorating the designated streets beneath the gaze of the public. They don’t usually finish until the next morning, but spectators are able to stay and watch the whole night if they wish.

Come Saturday, the floral display is complete and open to the public all day. There’s a feeling of celebration and festivity in the air, as visitors go around admiring the floral works of art. On the final day, a flag wavers parade marches through the streets. Dressed in Baroque costume and accompanied by musicians, it typically starts around 3pm.

Why you should visit and see the Infiorata di Noto for yourself

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You don’t have to be green-fingered to appreciate this colorful flower festival. It’s enough seeing the scale, and amount of effort, that goes into creating these works of art.

What’s more, walking around Noto’s historic center is like walking straight into a real-life museum. Baroque churches and the awesome 18th century Noto Cathedral sit within meters of each other on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Being a spectator at an event like the Infiorata di Noto is just the candied fruit on the Cassata cake and is definitely a must on everyone’s itinerary.

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