The 8 Best Things to See and Do in Taormina

Taormina is one of the small towns you absolutely must visit on your trip to Sicily. Perched on a cliff 200m above the sea overlooking Mount Etna, it has winding pedestrian-only streets, ancient ruins, and luxury boutiques.

With all that and more to offer, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular destinations in Sicily.

If you’re looking for a great tour, we highly recommend the Taormina and Castelmola day tour from Messina where you meet with your guide and you’re  transported to the towns via air-conditioned bus. Live commentary on board and food and drinks are all inclusive. A must do if you’re planning your trip to Taormina.

Here is our list of the 8 best things to see and do in Taormina:

  1. Teatro Greco

    teatro greco taormina
    Of course, we can’t talk about sights to see in Taormina without talking about Teatro Greco, the ancient Greek
    It was first built around 300BC for Hiero II of Syracuse and rebuilt around 200BC when the Romans took over.
    The backdrop of the theater has crumbled away to reveal of the most picturesque and famous views of Mount Etna in Taormina.

  2. Piazza IX Aprile

    piazza aprile ix
    Piazza IX Aprile lies along the Corso Umberto and has one of the best viewpoints in Taormina. It opens onto a terrace and marks the point where the old part of Taormina begins.

    It’s an ideal place to sit down, listen to the local musicians, and watch some local artists paint overlooking Mount Etna.

  3. Villa Comunale

    villa comunale taormina
    The Villa Comunale is Taormina’s beautiful public gardens, which were created by Florence Trevelyan to display her love of exotic plants and birds. She planted rare species of plants throughout the gardens and it has beautiful Victorian follies, statues, and more to find and explore.

  4. Corso Umberto I

    corso umberto I taormina
    Corso Umberto is Taormina’s main street and it stretches the length of the town. It is home to luxury boutiques, designer brands, as well as souvenir stores, which has earned it the nickname of “the Sicilian Saint Tropez”.

    Of course, that isn’t all you’ll find, there are also bakeries and restaurants that are perfect for a bite to eat.

  5. Lido Mazzaro

    lido mazzaro taormina
    The Lido Mazzaro is a beautiful beach that is incredibly popular with visitors year-round. From this beach, you can take a boat tour and view the coastline from afar. There are also numerous places to stay and eat right on the shoreline, so stay nearby to experience the beach after the crowds head back up into the town proper for the evening.

  6. Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto 

    pasticceria roberto
    pasticceria roberto sweets
    Laboratorio Pasticceria Roberto is the best bakery in Taormina but isn’t as well known to tourists as it should be. If you’re looking to try some authentic cannoli and other sweet treats away from the crowds, this is a bakery you must visit. Eat your cannoli and gelato in the shade in a quiet courtyard before heading back out to the popular sights.

  7. Isola Bella

    isola bella taormina
    Taormina has arguably some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, and you would be remised not to walk down to the shoreline to see Isola Bella for yourself. Isola Bella translates to “beautiful island” and was privately owned until 1990 by Florence Trevelyan, the woman who designed Villa Comunale.

    The island itself is only accessible when the tide is out, but the beach is worth a visit at any time of day.

  8. Bam Bar

    bam bar
    After you’ve strolled around the Villa Comunale you’ll likely be hungry and ready for a break. Bam Bar is a short walk away (just 0.2 miles) and is famous for its granita, a cold sweet treat you can eat with or without the traditional serving of brioche.

    Set in a picturesque location with outdoor seating, it makes the perfect location for a morning or afternoon snack.

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